MasterChef : Onion Ice Cream?

Was it a mistake to make Onion Ice Cream?

I was doing surprisingly well… I was in the top 9 out of 20,000 applicationsl.  The last episode, when I went to Bath, was an amazing experience.  I made Salmon En Croute for the first time in my life in a tent in Bath for Jane Austen fans – and they liked it!  Truth be told, I had never even eaten anything ‘en croute’, never mind make it!  But, it went down well, and they liked my pastry! Then, the food I cooked under Jason Atherton, was described as a ‘Religious Experience’!  As a former Religious Education teacher, a comment like that was very apt!

My next task, was to make a one course meal in 1 hour 30 minutes.  It could have been anything.  However, I was getting a reputation for only cooking desserts – despite having cooked Lamb, Salmon, Ox Cheeks, and Scallops and only two desserts.  I felt like I had to cook a main and to push myself. I was trying to decide which two mains to go for – Lamb with Licorice and apricots, or Beef with Onion Ice Cream.  I went for the Beef and Onion Ice Cream, because I felt that I could show off what I learned from Jason.  (I will post the lamb dish later!).

“Where on earth did you get the idea for Onion Ice Cream?” I hear you asking –  well, like I said, I ate it at a restaurant, and I liked how it played on your tongue with the hot beef.  I thought that it was unusual, but very much like having a cold onion relish, or a cold horseradish sauce with your beef, which I very often have. John Torode got it… but Gregg Wallace did not.  Marmite – you either love it or hate it.  A BIG risk, and you can see the nervous laughter I had as I was realising just how much of a risk it was.  There is nothing like pushing the boundaries, and creating a bit of stress for myself – oh and the viewers! But, I’m still in! Fortunately, despite being a little bit controversial, I had cooked everything well.  I’m in the top 8!!  Wow!

So vote in the poll – Onion Ice Cream – in or out?

You can find the recipe that I cooked on tonight’s BBC MasterChef episode 6, for Slow cooked beef with bone marrow persillade, horseradish potato purée and onion ice cream  on the BBC website!


3 thoughts on “MasterChef : Onion Ice Cream?

  1. Hi Hannah – thank you for your support! My best advice on becoming a chef would be to cook, cook, and cook some more :-). You can also get some work experience in a kitchen which will give you an idea if that is the type of environment that you want to be in. But there are lots of roles you can have by working with food. Good luck!

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