MasterChef Episode 7: Choices, Choices, Choices!

The pressure of MasterChef can really affect your confidence and the decisions you make.  When I was tasked with the challenge of cooking French, I immediately thought of patisseries!  My favourite!

I also had an ice cream up my sleeve which I wanted to make – Parsnip Ice Cream!  I normally make the Parsnip Ice Cream with a Chocolate Ganache Tart.  The rich sweet chocolate offsets the parsnip ice cream perfectly!

And what could be more French than a Chocolate Ganache Tart?  However, doubt set in! I felt I had already cooked a tart on the show (the Lemon Tart on the first episode), so I should do something else.  And then I remembered the Croquembouche that was made on last year’s show.  I was inspired to make profiteroles to go with the Parsnip Ice Cream.  The only thing is, that I had never made profiteroles before – eek – who decides to make profiteroles for MasterChef when they have never cooked them???

In addition to that, I split the judges with my onion ice cream in the last round, and therefore I momentarily became not so confident about my Parsnip Ice Cream!  Hence the dilemma of what ice-cream I was making!  Oh dear!

I managed to stay in – because I had pushed myself, and some of the elements worked.  In the 1 hour 10 that I had to cook, I made choux buns, a crème patisserie, an ice-cream, a caramel sauce, a chocolate sauce and spun sugar – all in 1 hour 10 – crazy!

The lesson I learned from this round is that I need to have more confidence in my dishes, and not cook dishes I have never cooked before on national TV!

Below is what I should have made!  Chocolate Ganache Tart with Parsnip Ice Cream –  Enjoy!

Oh, and if you are in London, and fancy some good French Bistrot food at a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend Bistrot Bruno Loubet – an amazing chef, and delicious food.

Chocolate Ganache Tart with Parsnip Ice Cream

The tart in the picture got a little bashed on the journey to a BBQ, but it still tasted delicious, and was the first dessert to disappear!

Chocolate Ganache Tart: Use a 9″ Tart Tin

For the Sweet Crust Pastry:

120g unsalted butter

75g icing sugar

3 egg yolks

250g plain flour

2tbsp water

Use the instructions as per the Lemon Tart Recipe to make the sweet crust pastry.

For the Chocolate Ganache Filling:

500g Double cream

50g liquid glucose

500g chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa), cut into small pieces

60g unsalted butter

In a saucepan bring the cream and glucose to the boil.  Gradually pour this over the chocolate, stirring constantly.  Then add the butter, continuing to stir.  Pour the filling into the prepared pastry case, and leave to set in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes.

For the Parsnip Ice Cream:

325g parsnip, roughly chopped

500ml milk

75ml cream

5 egg yolks

100g caster sugar

Put the parsnips, milk and cream in a saucepan, and bring to the boil, and cook the parsnips until they are tender.  Drain through a fine sieve, keeping the milk and cream.  Place the parsnips in a liquidiser and blend until smooth.   Combine the egg yolks and ugar.  Gradually add in the reserved milk and cream.  Return to a saucepan and cook gently over a low heat, stirring continuously until the right consistency.  Add the rest of the parsnip puree and mix thoroughly.  Cool down, and place into an ice-cream machine and churn until frozen.

7 thoughts on “MasterChef Episode 7: Choices, Choices, Choices!

  1. Wish I could watch the UK Masterchef. I love the sound of the parsnip ice cream I can imagine it with our NZ Manuka honey

  2. Hi, Emma, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to hear about people who are intrepid chefs and you’re one of the them! Can I make a suggestion? That you put your own photo on the home page? Those of us on this side of the Atlantic don’t know much about the tv show, and I think we’d rather know you more.

    1. Hi! Thank you for the tip! I’ve changed my About page and added a photo. I am still trying to figure out how to add a photo to my homepage – but I am working on it! Blogging is new to me, so any tips are really gratefully received. Thanks again!

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