Brussels Restaurants

Flag map of Brussels
Flag map of Brussels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often get asked which restaurants I would recommend in Brussels.

With the help of family and friends, and a number of evenings spent being spoilt at restaurants (oh its a hard life!) Voila!  My list:

Belgian Chips:

Maison Antoine, Place Jourdan, Etterbeek.  Grab a bag of chips, mayonnaise and brochette, and go into the local pub and eat your meal out of the paper with a Hoegarden – you can’t beat it!

Belgian Cuisine:

Restaurant Vincent, Rue de Dominicain, City Centre. You will find this right in the city centre – I love the tiles on the wall.

Le Zinneke, Place de la Patrie, Schaarbeek. Great mussels!

Becasse, Rue de Tabora, City Centre.  I often find that a lot of the best places in Brussels are always up a small alley way that you would not normally go down by yourself, and this place is no exception! Right beside Le Grand Place, grab an open sausage sandwich and a must have Belgian Beer!


L’Autre Cantina, Chaussee de Vleurgat, City Centre.   A quirky little place with lovely food.


L’Atlantide, Rue Franklin, Etterbeek.  A small quirky place.  But it comes highly recommended from my Greek step-dad!  I don’t think I need to say anymore.


La Buca de Bacco, Avenue Louis Bertrand 65, Scharbeek.  Lovely, simple, italian cooking in beautiful Art Nouveau surroundings.

La Brace, Rue Franklin, Etterbeek.  Best Pizza in town!


La Kasbah, Rue Antoine Dansaert, City Centre.  As soon as you walk in you feel like you have been transported to Morroco, belly dancing aside, the tagines are tantalisingly good!


Brasserie George, Avenue Winston Churchill, Uccle.  Best place in town for sea food, without a doubt.

La Quincaillerie, Rue du Page, Ixelles.  As soon as you enter, you are faced with a bar of Oysters.  I like the decor and atmosphere of La Quincaillerie.  It is definitely worth a try.


La Canne En Ville, Rue de la Reforme, Ixelles.  For the best steak in town! Jack the Irish Butcher (who is the butcher for Heston Blumenthal amongst many other chefs), told us that this is the best restaurant for steak – and I totally agree with him – a must go!

For when you are eating late in the evening, and all restaurants are closing:

Le Perroquet, Rue Watteeu 31, City Centre.  Lots of Pitta bread options with salads to choose from in a beautiful Art Nouveau surrounding.

For that Something Special Evening:

Le Coriandre, Rue Middlebourg, Watermael-Boitsfort.  A lovely small restaurant with quality, sometimes unusual, but always outstandingly delicious food!

Michelin ‘star’ed:

Sea Grill, Rue Fosse Aux Loups 47, 1000 Brussel.  Okay, so I haven’t actually been here – but it is on my wish list 🙂


7 thoughts on “Brussels Restaurants

  1. If you want to try a few Michelin restaurants without actually having to go (and pay!) for all of them, you should check out Culinaria (first weekend of June). (Just wrote a post about it). Yves Mattagne from Seagrill will be there among others…

      1. Please post a review with lots of pictures! Unfortunately, I can’t make it this year after all… It’s a lot of food, so take your time… We took a break last year, went for a walk to check out the food stands and then went back for dessert… Enjoy!!

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