MasterChef UK: What’s next?

Last week (Thursday 15 March), was the final of MasterChef UK 2012. Shelina Permalloo beat Andrew Kojima and Tom Rennolds to the title of MasterChef 2012.  All were worthy winners, and all did some amazing cooking.  But Shelina’s style and consistency throughout the whole competition, was inspiring, and means that she has an exciting future ahead of her.

MasterChef UK is a competition for amateurs, who never went down the route of cooking, but who find themselves with a strong passion for cooking, and who want to ultimately do something in the food industry.  So, it is not just Shelina who has an exciting future in food, all of us who took part, if we want to, can use the opportunity.  Many have already started, Jay Tinker (4th) is launching his new restaurant Tinkers in Southport at the end of March, Eammon Hunt (5th) is doing Pop Up Restaurants in Lincoln, Jonathon Dale (9th) is doing private dining parties in London, Aki Matsushima (6th) is doing Japanese cooking lessons.  The list goes on…….So, what will I do?

My first priority, is to actually get well again.  The filming for MasterChef UK happened between August and December of 2011.  At the end of December, I was unfortunately involved in a serious car accident in France.  I am extremely lucky to still be alive, and to have injuries that will, in time, heal.   Therefore, since the show came on air on the BBC in January, I have been recuperating at my mum’s place in Brussels.  I have learned to walk, dress, and cook by myself, all over again!

Unfortunately, doctors orders are that I cannot go into a professional cooking environment until at least September…. this means that I have a little bit longer to plan!

So while I am waiting on my body to recover, I have been reading lots of cookery books, trying out restaurants in Brussels, and learning to make Macaroons!  Blogs to follow! 🙂


9 thoughts on “MasterChef UK: What’s next?

  1. Oh wow – I’m so sorry about your accident but congratulations on your recovery! You’re definitely finding the silver lining when you say you have more time to plan, very admirable.

    1. Thank you! I’m slowly getting there, last week was my first week back at work, albeit part time, and mainly working from home (which by the way is Greenwich!).

      Do you have any favourite food books you would recommend?

      1. Glad you are on the mend. Good books? Let me rummage through the ridiculous numbers I have and let you know some thoughts. Some of the best is the annual cookery writing books, taking articles written in various publications. It’s also good to know you live in Greenwich!

      2. Hi Emma,
        Sorry it has been so long in responding, been ill and work got in the way – haven’t even blogged. Hope you are still on the mend. Saw one of your blogs, and thought the idea of tea was wonderful – imagine high end tea houses (sort of a modern Lyons) aup and down the country . Wonderful.
        Anyway, books. I look a series that (used?) to be produced yearly in the US but they can be had here. Best Food Writing (2010 etc) where each chapter is an article taken from a magazine or book. It is impossible to read all the magasines so this gets you the best of all. Two others: The Man Who Ate Everything (Steingarten) and the follow up It must have something i ate
        others? Insatiable by Gael Greene and The Apprentice Jacques Pepin.

        All something to think about .


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