Olympic Cake

I have a party to go to tonight for the Opening Cermony of the Olympics, London 2012, so I thought I would make a special Olympic themed cake to get us in the mood for celebration. I decided to make the London 2012 Olympic Mascots – Wenlock and Mandeville, and you couldn’t have an olympic … More Olympic Cake

Sugar Roses

As part of the Fair Cake cupcake courses I did the other week I also learned how to make roses!  These can be placed on cupcakes, or on wedding cakes! There were two techniques that I learned which I will share with you, but first I want to explain the different types of icing you … More Sugar Roses

Tiramisu and nerves

It has been six months exactly since I started writing this blog.  Most of that time has been spent on recuperating from a serious car accident.  I have found this hard at times, especially since I have not had the health to capitalise from my appearance on MasterChef UK.  But, I like to see things from a positive perspective, … More Tiramisu and nerves