Cooking Lessons

Just before I moved to Brussels, I gave my very first cooking lesson.  I LOVED it!  It brought my skills and love for teaching (I used to be a teacher), with my passion for cooking.  And , as a result, I have decided that if anyone would like a private cooking lesson, in their home, working in their environment, with their equipment – then you should get in contact with me!

I can do a cooking lesson for a very reasonable price (as I am just starting out), I could support a small group of people or 1-2-1, teaching in English, and in Brussels, either on a Saturday or Sunday.  I could deliver lessons on:

  • Cupcake Baking and Decorating
  • Sweet Pastry Tarts:  Chocolate Ganache Tart, and Lemon Tart
  • Recipes from Masterchef 2012:
    • Scallops with Cauliflower
    • Beef with Red Wine Jus and Pomme Puree
    • Chocolate Cylinders filled with raspberries, and Raspberry and Beetroot Sorbet
    • Lamb with Eucalyptus sauce and fondant potatoes

Or, if there is something in particular that you want to learn, I would also be interested in hearing from you, and discussing this with you.

So – my first lesson….

The husband of a very good friend of mine was turning 39, and as a present, my friend decided to give him challenges as his present:  40 things to do before you are 40.  I thought it was an amazing idea – the challenges included; ‘learn to play the piano’ (something he had always wanted to do), ‘write a speech’ and ‘deliver it on Speech Corner in Hyde Park’, and…. ‘receive a cooking lesson from MasterChef Emma Russell’, and then ‘re-cook the meal for friends’ at a later date.

So ‘I’ was the first challenge of the 40 that he had to do in the year.  I sent him the recipe which we would be cooking three days before the lesson, as part of the experience was also to find the ingredients from your local area – and one of the best ways to do this is to get the ingredients yourself.  Once you know where your favourite butcher is, or your favourite fishmonger, you start to develop relationships with these places, and this can extend your experience with food.

I decided on the following menu:

Beef with Red Wine Jus and Pomme Puree (which I had cooked on MasterChef),

followed by Chocolate Ganache Tart.

I decided on this choice of menu, because a lot of people buy steak when they go out for dinner, and yet if you know how to cook it, you can easily create a very delicious (restaurant standard) dinner at home.  I also decided on teaching him how to cook a good pastry tart, because I knew that he didn’t really cook desserts, and yet, if you can master pastry, you can always impress, with very simple fillings.  Also, you can never go wrong with chocolate!

For some reason, Jeremy thought that he would be watching me, with a glass of wine in hand, while I did the cooking…. I had very different ideas.  And when I explained that no, he would be doing the cooking, and I would be there for support – he suddenly got very nervous!  We gave him a glass of wine, and as we got into it, he started to relax.

First, we started with the pastry, as that would take the longest.  Then we had a lesson on knife skills, and chopping, before starting the red wine jus.  There was a moment of panic, when we couldn’t find the thyme – but alas, he found it inside one of the shopping bags.

As the evening wore on, and the wine flowed a bit more, Jeremy’s confidence grew – but so did mine.  Both Jeremy and Mel, were asking me lots of questions (which I encouraged), but actually, I never really realised how much I knew about cooking, and the ‘science’ behind it, until suddenly I was being asked questions!

The photographs were taken by Mel, who also recently set up her own photography business at .  She also created a Vimeo film of the photos she took that evening.  Mel had a wonderful evening slowly sipping wine, and laughing at Jeremy – but in all honesty, Jeremy did a fabulous job – and I think the photos show you that!   As did the meal itself!

I am available to give intimate home cooking lessons on Saturdays and Sundays, day and evening.  Use the contacts page, to get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Lessons

    1. Thank you! I just need someone to ask now 🙂 Its such a shame – I keep getting asked to make cakes, and do lessons, but in the UK – I think it will take some time to establish myself in Brussels… but then it has only been 5 weeks! Slowly Slowy! Thanks for the support!

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