What do you want to be when you grow up? And Knife Sharpening Tips!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  That was the theme of a friend’s birthday about 3.or 4 years ago.  Some people went as a Gladiator, or Pamela Anderson on Baywatch – I went as a Chef! My friend reminded me of that fact just a few weeks ago.  It is ironic to think that a few years on, and I am trying to make my childhood dream come true!  MasterChef was the first step, but getting my Chef’s diploma at Ceria, in Brussels, Belgium, is my second step.

The first class was on Friday.  It is a three year evening course, and I intend to share what I learn from the course.  Of course, the first lesson was quite basic, the Chef basically showed us around the kitchen:  what utensils they had, what vegetables and herbs they mainly work with, how to light the stove (which is actually harder than you would think!), and how to wear your Chef Whites.  This latter lesson, felt somewhat like I had joined the army – but then maybe it is an important ritual to put on your Chef Whites.

I did not really learn very much on the first night – it was mainly administrative –  however, one thing I did learn – which is a key thing for any Chef – is how to sharpen your knifes!

“The knifes are not dangerous, it is the person who uses it who is dangerous”

Knife Sharpening:

“You should always sharpen your knife every time you use it”.  I am used to sharpening my knife most of the time, but one thing I had not realised, was that I was sharpening it the wrong way!

I was holding the steel and sharpening it the way this person is in the picture:

However, the chef said that you had to sharpen it from the end of the steel, towards the hand, starting at the largest part of the knife, and using a fluid motion to move the knife (not the steel) the whole way along the steel to the point of the knife- as if you were keeping your hand in the same position, but moving your hand from 12 o’clock to to 9 o’clock.  He explained that this was better, because you would go against the grain of the steel, and you were ensuring that you were sharpening the whole of the knife, not just a part of it.

So – What do you think of my new outfit? And what do YOU want to be when you grow up?


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