The House of Horror

Our friends stood staring at us with wide eyes after we showed them our house.  There was a strange silence as if they didn’t quite know what to say.  ‘You must think we are crazy?’ I asked.  They awkwardly laughed, saying that the best part was when we showed them the bedroom excitedly explaining our vision and yet all they could see was the dead pidgeon in the corner and the inch layer of pidgeon poo on the floor. Yes, there is a lot of work to do!

I keep joking with my husband that the house as it stands would make a great team building event.  The event would be called ‘The House of Horror’.  We would have two team and give them the task of creating a horror movie.  The best short movie, obviously would win some sort of prize.  I think it would be a great idea, but my husband is not so keen…

So the house has not been lived in for years.  It was build in the 1920s, and I don’t think it has had any upgrades since then.  The toilet is still positioned outside,  it has no electricity nor running water.

Despite this, when my husband and I walked into the house, we knew immediately that it was the one for us.We could see past the pidgeon poo and the peeling wallpaper.  We could imagine what it would look like when it was all done.  We had already been looking for a couple of months before we found the house.  Our aim was to find a house with enough space for me to have a cooking workshop, that was in the Belgian Countryside and still within 30 minutes drive from Brussels.  This house fitted perfectly, it is not too big, nor too small, and it has a barn that is the perfect size for a Cooking School Workshop space and a small one bedroom appartment to serve as a gîte.

Here are some photos, can you see what we see?  Or are we just a little bit crazy?



5 thoughts on “The House of Horror

  1. Love this!!! What a wonderful challenge to take on. I’m moving to Belgium in a few weeks with my husband and daughter, I’ll enjoy following your blog. Best of luck to you in your adventures and following your dreams!

    1. Thank you! Where in Belgium are you moving to? I hope you enjoy it as much as I do… But be prepared for all the bureaucracy when you arrive! It will settle after a while and then you can start to enjoy it more! Let me know how you get on!

      1. We will be in Brussels. We’re moving for my husbands work, so thankfully we have a lot of support as far as the move goes. But it’s already proven to be a challenge….waiting much longer than anticipated for visas. We are very excited though, hope to get there soon!

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