Les Belges du Bout du Monde

Les Belges du Bout du Monde
Les Belges du Bout du Monde

Not long ago, at 3 am on a Sunday morning, after a drunken but delicious dinner party, my husband realises he has a Facebook message from a Facebook friend.  “Did you not marry a Scottish girl?  This programme are looking for Scots who live in Belgium, if you are interested here are the details”.  We were in a silly mood so we emailed.  The following morning as I am waking up, I get a phone call from a number I do not recognise.  I answer the phone tentatively with sleep still in my eyes.   “Good Morning, it’s Adrian Joveneau from Les Belges du Bout du Monde”…. “oh” I say, “we sent you an email last night!”

Les Belges du Bout du Monde is a television and radio programme that tells the story of Belgians who live in all corners of the world.  This week they were doing a radio programme about a Belgian who runs a small pub, The Old Forge, in Knoydart Scotland.  The pub is known as the remotest pub in Britain.  You cannot take a car to get there, you have to either walk a 2 day trek, or take the boat.   As a contrast, they wanted to interview a Scot who lives in Belgium.  I ended up being that Scot!

It was a nice story, Jean-Pierre Robinet moved from Belgium to get away from it all and set up a pub in the Scottish countryside, and I, moved away from Great Britain to get away from it all and set up a Cooking School / Gîte in the Belgian countryside.

It was a shame that we are still waiting on our planning permission, and that Spoons is not open yet.  However, it was nice to promote what we are doing and talk about the two countries I love the most.

Listening to Jean-Pierre talk about Scotland, made me really proud of my country, but also made me really want to visit. Knoydart sounds amazing.  My husband and I are already planning a visit!

You can listen to the programme here – it is however in French! For those who speak it, maybe you can tell me how my French came across? I was so nervous, and found it quite hard to do an interview on radio in French!



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