Restaurant Review: Comptoir Des Galeries



Thursday night was date night.  I love date nights!

We try to occasionally do something a little different for date nights.  This time, it was Ommegang.  I hear you asking ‘What on earth is Ommegang?’  Ommegang is an old Flemish word for Procession.  It is a medieval tradition, that started in 1348.  Its essentially a procession to honour the protector of Brussels, the Virgin of Sablon, a statue which resides in the Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon. It stopped in 1785, but was brought back to life in the 1930s.  Since then, every July at La Grand Place in Brussels, they enact the Ommegang procession of 1549.  This means lots of fancy costumes!

La Grand Place was stunning, and the weather was beautiful.  The show was spectacular with fireworks, dancing, music, horses, costumes, bells and games.  The only down side we felt was the price, especially since you can see it for free by standing on the sides.  Despite this, I would still say it is worth making the effort to go, especially if you visit Brussels in July!

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Anyway… food… we needed to grab a quick bite to eat before it started.  As we were right beside La Grand Place in the centre of Brussels, we thought we would try Comptoir Des Galeries, a wine bar, restaurant and hotel in Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert.  We didn’t have time for the restaurant, but thought we would just have a glass of wine and some snacks from the bar menu.  It was delicious!  The wine was unusual, but excellent.  The food was fresh and very tasty. The interior design was modern yet comfy.  The staff were informed and the price was very reasonable.  Nothing to complain about – we are now intrigued to try the restaurant!

The Bar Menu at Comptoir des Galeries

So what did we have?

Toast with cream of parmesan, sliced beef and rocket: The cream of parmesan was Delicious!  This totally rocked! It was simple, but extremely tasty and very moorish.

Toast with Grilled Chicken, Guacamole, Tomatoes: The chicken was succulent and seasoned with lots of herbs, the Guacamole was maybe had a bit too much citrus taste (and not so much avocado taste), but it still worked.


A Charcuterie Taster Plate: we had already delved in before the photo was taken, so we did get more than you see here!  The selection was different than what you might normally get, and they were so succulent and tasty. From left to right; Holstein, Pâté with Pistachios, Ham on the bone, Liver Sausage.


Mas Las Cabes, 2015: fruity, unctuous, and utterly scrumptious.







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