Restaurant Review: Le Bénaton, Beaune, France (*)

We recently went on a long weekend to Bourgogne.  The trip was my Birthday present from my husband (yes I am totally spoiled!), and to top it off we dined at a 1 Michelin* Restaurant, Le Bénaton.

The interior decor is modern classic, with cream washed bare walls on one side, modern art, and an interesting layout of chairs including a semi circle bench.  The tables had white linen and an attempt at a decoration of flowers which were not to our liking.  The service was not quite to the standard we would expect of a 1 Michelin, it felt more upmarket bistro, friendly, but slightly unorganised and not in synch.

However, the food, waow, it was stunningly delicious!  Classic French, but with a hint of asian flair.  Le Bénaton was initally set up by Bruno Monnoir (classic french trained), but has recently been taken over by his long standing second Chef, Keishi Sugimura.  From what I understand, Suigimura has kept some of the classic dishes served by Monnoir, but given his own flair and style to it, and the results really are scrumptious.

I’ve listed the menu, and photos of the dishes below.  I think you will agree there is a lot we can learn from his style.  There are certainly some dishes here that I would like to try, especially the Black Pudding Macaron, Parmesan Balls, the Lobster Starter, the Turbot with artichokes, and the meringue pudding.  Oh, it appears there are more things here that I would like to re-create than I realise.  It just shows you how this menu was my style of menu.  The flavours were simple, but perfectly cooked, and with just a hint of a twist to make them interesting.

We decided to go with a bottle of wine, as they do not offer wine pairing.  The selection of wine was excellent.  The wine we chose ‘Savigny-Les-Beaune, Domaine Pavelot, 2005’, worked brilliantly with the menu.  It seemed to change with each dish to ensure it complemented perfectly.  It was never overpowering and yet was complex and very smooth – an extremely special wine that I would recommend!

Mise en Bouche:

  • Mustard Ice Cream Cone
  • Comté Gougère
  • Black Pudding Macaron
  • Parmesan Balls of yumminess (Ok that is not what they were officially called!  The chef uses spherification to make these.  When you pop them in your mouth, you get an explosion of parmesan liquid – amazing!)


  • Lobster, with a pea puree, brown butter, mangoes and seaweed cream.


  • Turbot, with artichokes, dried artichokes, chorizo, tarragon sauce, tarragon foam and Spirulina powder (I think)


  • a selection from the region


  • Meringue, raspberries and Yuzu Ice Cream
  • Apricot tower (My husband can’t quite remember what it was composed of, just that it was delicious)

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Le Bénaton, Beaune, France (*)

  1. Hi Emma, we ate here a few years back. We’d spent a week cycling around Burgundy. Starting off at Hotel Le Cep. We ate at Loiseau des Vignes to begin with. Food was great but service atrocious we left after 2:30 and had just been given our main courses. Then onto Lamelosie. 3 stars! Excellent, but I didn’t feel it deserved 3 stars compared to a lot of other places. A few others then finishing off at La Benaton, which I thought was absolutely superb. I’d go back there and Hotel Le Cep anyday.

    1. Great to know that we made the right choice of restaurant!! The Chef, has changed recently, but its the second who has taken over, and the quality of the food was really excellent. A cycling trip through Burgundy- that sounds amazing!!

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