From the ground up…

It has been a long wait.  It has been 2 years since we signed for our house.  Two years since we decided to change our life, and set up our own Bed & Breakfast with a Cooking School.  We are still not there yet, but we are one small step further – the work on the house has finally started! Woohoo!

Its been an intensive month of demolition, so I thought I would share some photos with you to show how the project is going.  Its very exciting to be able to get a feel for the space in the house.  If you want to see photos of what it looked like before we started, check out this blog post here.


The soon-to-be dining room and kitchen
The Living Room, looking from the dining room.


13 thoughts on “From the ground up…

  1. Hi Emma, we are just about to embark and a similar project. Albeit a little smaller. New kitchen, back wall coming out, steel going in and a glass wall replacing the existing windows and bricks. I’ll be posting the pictures too. When does your place open for guests?

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