Restaurant Review: Dal Corsaro, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy (*)

After the Christmas rush, my husband and I went to Sardinia for a few days.  We decided to get a few days of sunshine to get us through the winter months, and we were not disappointed; 13-17°C every day, blue skies and full sunshine – it was glorious.  For New Years Eve, we were a little premature in our planning.  I always like to make sure we have something planned, and as we did not know what events were on, we booked a 1 Michelin Star Restaurant.  We then found out that Cagliari is full of street parties!  We slightly regretted booking the restaurant.  We should not have – the food was delicious, and we still managed to wander around the streets afterwards, soaking up the buzz, and the New Years Eve festivities.  It was a fabulous evening.

The Restaurant was Dal Corsaro in Cagliari, and we were served a set menu for 130€, including wine, which we found reasonable, considering its 1 Michelin star, and the fact it was New Years Eve.

There were a couple of dishes that really stood out for me.  One was a canapé of tomato with stuffed Beef Tartare.  It was very cleverly stuffed, as it still looked like a tomato, and had been stuffed and closed from the bottom, rather than the top, so its stem was still attached. We were not expecting the tartare inside, so that was a nice surprise, and the tomato was deliciously sweet.  Another favourite was the starter of shelled oyster with warm smoked potato, raw radishes of different sizes, salad leaves with a vinaigrette of the oyster juice and olive oil.  The slightly smoked potato went wonderfully with the oyster.

The meal was delicious, the only dish that was a bit disappointing was the Red Snapper.  To me, we did not need the salad leaves, the serving of the Red Snapper to the amount of lentils we received was out of proportion – I would have preferred some more lentils and a little less red mullet.  Also the red mullet was not brilliantly cooked, it was a bit rubbery, and cold, by the time it got to us.  Still, it was the only dish that was slightly disappointing – the rest was delicious – as you can see from the photos below. 

The wine choices were also excellent, apart from one.  The disappointment with the wine was that they used the same wine for multiple dishes, and unfortunately the white wine they served for the mullet, after drinking it for 2 other courses, just did not work so well.

We both had a wonderful evening there – the menu was overall well composed, the food was well executed (apart from the Red Mullet), and the wine choices were good.  We experienced new and exciting flavours and I do think I will be trying to re-create the oyster and smoked potato dish at some point!   Would we go again? Yes.  It was not the best 1 Michelin we have been to, but it was not the worst either, and I think for a holiday treat it is worth visiting.

Below, you will find the menu, and the pictures of the food:

Canapé of Goats Cheese Mouuse filled biscuits and stuffed  Tomatoes
Oysters with smoked potatoes, salad leaves and radish
Carpaccio of shrimp with turnip puree, artichoke chips, and shrimp sorbet (Yes Sorbet!  It was amazing!)
Lobster Bisque with potato dumplings (the lobster bisque was so intense, it was almost like a very good beef stock – delicious!)
Pumpkin Ravioli with Maple Syrup Jus
Red Snapper, Lentils, Mussels, Potato Mousse, and salad leaves
Piglet, Jerusalem Artichoke puree, Ginger and Clementine Chutney (The Piglet was melt in your mouth wonderful)
Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate  Truffle, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Crumbs, and Hazelnut Ice-Cream, Pine Nuts, and Grapes


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