We’ve been busy!

We’ve been busy! For anyone who has done a renovation you will know just how consuming it becomes. Every Saturday (shops are not open on a Sunday) we race around Belgium choosing and ordering things for the house. Then during the week, we spend our time searching the internet, organising the different contractors, visiting the house, and sorting out the finances.  There has been many times when I though I was just popping into the house to measure one small thing, and then 1h30 later I am still there. It’s almost like there is a black hole of time at the house!

We are not there yet… a few more months.  The final push! All fingers crossed, we will be in for Christmas.

Here are some photos of the current state to give you an idea:

The front of the house… nearly there!

Ground Floor: Large open space with living, dining and kitchen, and of course the 65m2 of terrace looking out onto our somewhat jungle of a garden (that’s a project for next year!).

First floor: Enormous office, Kid’s bathroom, Kid’s Bedroom, Guest Bedroom and Utility room.

Second Floor: Our bedroom, including bathroom and walk in wardrobe.  I’m very excited about taking a bath while looking up to the stars!

The Workshop!  This is where the magic will be created!


I wasn’t able to take the photos of the Bed & Breakfast rooms as they are upstairs, and there are no stairs yet, but these photos should give you an idea of what we have been doing.

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