Earl Grey Cake

A very good friend got married in December.  We have known each other since I was 14 years old, so its a friendship that goes way back, and includes many mischievous evenings (as any friendships should!).  I made her wedding cake.  She wanted the usual Chocolate and lemon cake, however, I told her that I … More Earl Grey Cake

Cranberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

At Christmas, we accidentally bought a surplus of cranberries.  We had enough cranberry sauce, so I decided to make Cranberry and White Chocolate cupcakes. Delicious!  The sourness of the cranberries contrasts excellently with the sweetness of the white chocolate frosting – a pairing made in heaven! For the Cranberry and Orange Cupcakes 120g Eggs 120g … More Cranberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Christmas Cake

I have just made my Fruit Cakes for this Christmas and updated my recipe which you can get here. This year, I added a tin of water to the bottom of the oven when cooking the cake, and it has really made a difference.  Does this cake not look like a thing of beauty?!! If you haven’t … More Christmas Cake

Banana Bread

I love Bananas!  Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like them, and since he does the food shop most of the time, its not often I have them.  Occasionally I ask him to buy me some. Recently,  after asking him to get some at the market, he came back home with the Green bananas for me (he … More Banana Bread

Spéculoos Cupcakes

  My husband, like most men in Europe at the moment, is consumed with the 2016 European Football Championships.  My country Scotland did not qualify.  Instead I am supporting my adopted country of Belgium, who did qualify.  We have some friends coming round to watch the game and I wanted to make something ‘Belgian’ to eat … More Spéculoos Cupcakes