Onion Soup

When I was a student at University I worked part-time in a café.  Each day I would make a big pot of soup for our customers.  I suggested one day that I wanted to make onion soup.  It was a cold and grey day, and for me, there is nothing better than a nice warm … More Onion Soup

Minestrone Soup

  Diary of a Wannabe Chef: Day 3 of my Chef Diploma at Ceria, Brussels There are about 15 people in my cooking class, and each week we split into three teams; 1 for the starter, 1 for the main, and 1 for the dessert.  This week, however, there was no dessert, but two starters!  … More Minestrone Soup

MasterChef: Beetroot Gazpacho with Wasabi Ice Cream

Cooking for restaurant critics, would have to be the scariest task yet on MasterChef UK.  Why?  Because, even if you do not win MasterChef, the critics are your potential future guests, and they can make or break your career in cooking, even before it has started.  Therefore it is even more vital that you impress … More MasterChef: Beetroot Gazpacho with Wasabi Ice Cream