We’ve been busy!

We’ve been busy! For anyone who has done a renovation you will know just how consuming it becomes. Every Saturday (shops are not open on a Sunday) we race around Belgium choosing and ordering things for the house. Then during the week, we spend our time searching the internet, organising the different contractors, visiting the … More We’ve been busy!

Another milestone

If you have been following my blog you will know I am on a long journey to changing my career and setting up my own culinary business in Belgium (I have a Dream). There are certain regulations you need to follow to be able to set up your own business in food in Belgium.  For … More Another milestone

The House of Horror

Our friends stood staring at us with wide eyes after we showed them our house.  There was a strange silence as if they didn’t quite know what to say.  ‘You must think we are crazy?’ I asked.  They awkwardly laughed, saying that the best part was when we showed them the bedroom excitedly explaining our … More The House of Horror

I have a dream…

Since I was a little girl my dream was to run a small B&B with a small restaurant serving good quality food in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.  As life would have it, things change.  However recently, my childhood dream might not be so far away.  There is one key difference though… it will … More I have a dream…