Yoghurt Ice Cream

The cold, wet and dark weather is finally here, and my summer holiday seems a long time ago. Our August holiday was in Brittany, France.  We would often sit on the pier, watch the boats go by, and eat ice-cream from the local shop. It was bliss, and exactly what holidays are made of. After trying … More Yoghurt Ice Cream

Onion Soup

When I was a student at University I worked part-time in a café.  Each day I would make a big pot of soup for our customers.  I suggested one day that I wanted to make onion soup.  It was a cold and grey day, and for me, there is nothing better than a nice warm … More Onion Soup

Roasted Peaches

Imagine the scenario.  You have friends coming round for dinner.  You had planned to get home early and make a lovely dessert, but there has been an emergency at work and you have had to work late.  What can you serve? Baked Peaches is perfect, it is super easy, generally using things you have in the … More Roasted Peaches

Restaurant Review: Le Bénaton, Beaune, France (*)

We recently went on a long weekend to Bourgogne.  The trip was my Birthday present from my husband (yes I am totally spoiled!), and to top it off we dined at a 1 Michelin* Restaurant, Le Bénaton. The interior decor is modern classic, with cream washed bare walls on one side, modern art, and an interesting … More Restaurant Review: Le Bénaton, Beaune, France (*)

Banana Bread

I love Bananas!  Unfortunately my husband doesn’t like them, and since he does the food shop most of the time, its not often I have them.  Occasionally I ask him to buy me some. Recently,  after asking him to get some at the market, he came back home with the Green bananas for me (he … More Banana Bread