Camembert Fondue

I was looking for a ‘kitchen’ present in John Lewis for a friend who loves cooking.  Its always hard buying kitchen presents for a friend who’s kitchen you haven’t been in for a while.  What to buy that they will use and not be flung at the back of the cupboard? Or that they haven’t… More Camembert Fondue

Comptoir Des Galeries

  Thursday night was date night.  I love date nights! We try to occasionally do something a little different for date nights.  This time, it was Ommegang.  I hear you asking ‘What on earth is Ommegang?’  Ommegang is an old Flemish word for Procession.  It is a medieval tradition, that started in 1348.  Its essentially a… More Comptoir Des Galeries

Nut Crunch

During the summer months there really is nothing better to start the day than with a bowl of fresh fruit, yoghurt and some crunchy muesli.  This recipe is very tasty, really easy, it can be stored in a jar for a couple of weeks, and adds delicious texture to really bring out the flavour of… More Nut Crunch

Spéculoos Cupcakes

  My husband, like most men in Europe at the moment, is consumed with the 2016 European Football Championships.  My country Scotland did not qualify.  Instead I am supporting my adopted country of Belgium, who did qualify.  We have some friends coming round to watch the game and I wanted to make something ‘Belgian’ to eat… More Spéculoos Cupcakes

The House of Horror

Our friends stood staring at us with wide eyes after we showed them our house.  There was a strange silence as if they didn’t quite know what to say.  ‘You must think we are crazy?’ I asked.  They awkwardly laughed, saying that the best part was when we showed them the bedroom excitedly explaining our… More The House of Horror

Chocolate Fondant

  I was recently asked in French ‘quelle est la différence entre un moelleux au chocolat et un fondant au chocolat?’.  Translated this asks ‘what is the difference between a Molten Chocolate Cake and a Chocolate Fondant?’.  The reason I write the french version for you is that in English ‘un moelleux au chocolat’ and a… More Chocolate Fondant

I have a dream…

Since I was a little girl my dream was to run a small B&B with a small restaurant serving good quality food in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.  As life would have it, things change.  However recently, my childhood dream might not be so far away.  There is one key difference though… it will… More I have a dream…